Words of Emphatic Agreement Nyt Crossword Clue

why does 48 talk about SOS. the note is not printed in my copy I enjoyed this pleasant puzzle. I thought it was an exceptionally good Monday, with its animated phrases and their fun collection of Js, Zs, Q and X – with a nice addition of LIKÖRNERN, HYBRIDS and, for grammar lovers, ADVERBIA – not to mention the contrasting ways of flying in BURGLE and PIRATED. However, I see the point that the revelation was a bit of a wet squirrel after the subject`s momentum responded. Something more emphatic would have been nice. A hand pump? Molly Bloom? You know me – just say “YES” to Monday. Yesterday we had ice cream (a brand I also like) and today it`s DAIRYQUEEN. The puzzle wants to give us IDEAS. OK – I already had IDEAS. Now let`s move on to something like JAZZERCISE. Diana, Lady waiting for crossword puzzles The new York Times newspaper website now contains various games with crossword puzzles, mini crossword puzzles, a spelling bee, sudoku, etc., you can play a part of it for free and to play the rest you have to pay for the subscription.

I think I might have solved this faster if I had looked at all the clues first. It looks like 85% of the ones I could fill in right away, while 85% of the down cues required thoughts and/or crosses. Very inelegant to have an additional IS in AT SIX and additional DAs in ADAPT and USDA and FRIDAY. @chefbea – What should appear in your copy is Morse code for SOS: . – – – …@pmdm – I see other people complaining about Rex`s frequent question. The question still seems relevant to me. In other words, is there anything else that connects or could connect the topic? For example, yesterday`s “A Shot in the Dark” puzzle linked the theme`s responses in two ways, “shot” and “dark.” If you had read further, you would have seen rex`s proposed title “Initial Agreement”. Consider the disclosure notice as “From agreement in (theme responds).” Now we no longer need the circles and the placement in front has a reason and the solver must need an extra one or three nanoseconds to see the four JAs. For me, this simple change to the disclosure index makes the puzzle much better. Comment I hope no one will: YES DA YES YES.

One of them is not like the other. Thank you @BarbraS for noticing the rhyme pattern. Pose @bo camp, inspired by yesterday`s puzzle. Do you have a Bo-Op in your Bo-Camp-Bo-Pit to toast your Bo-S`mores? Bo x why, I have no idea. Back to today. Because of the Yesyes OUIJABOARD, I thought DA and SI were offended. The best I could find was a Duke Universty proficiency test that produced a DASI SCORE and a DASI TAYOR that had something of scientific interest. The grid distribution is irrelevant ALERT.In today`s puzzles, the long diagonal from the NE corner to the SW corner has 6 consecutive vowels and 3 black squares, followed by 6 consecutive consonants. The above 14 coin diagonals have 9 consecutive consonants, followed by 5 consecutive vowels. Saturday`s puzzle. Look at the two long diagonals.

There is a black piece in the middle of the puzzle. A diagonal is all consonants except spaces next to the middle black square. The other diagonal consists of all vowels (or black squares) except for the two corner squares. If someone had digitally recorded the 15 times 15 Nyt crosswords, it wouldn`t be difficult to write a program to calculate the percentage that each square is a consonant or vowel, and the percentage of each square is a specific letter. Would each squuare have almost identical percentages or would there be anomalies? What would that mean? Nothing. But it might still be interesting to find out. Really nice theme. The only dirty thing next to it was that the OUIJABOARD sewed together its name of two JAes, YES + JA.

But then, hey – there aren`t too many common phrases that start with YES+. Plus, the JA versions seemed almost too obvious, even for a MonPuz. YES YES YES THERE. Really cool toppings! Puzgrid view of the pangram type. Is it a double pangram? Certainly has 2 of the usual suspects: J, Q, X, Z . no – almost, except for only one of K&W at a time. If only the mysterious photographer Anne WEDKES had been named. Employee`s Weeject Choice: YES. Very positive theme mood.fave Muh-Kuh eazy-E MonPuz Note: {___ Newton (biscuit)} = ABB. Even came out double-moo, due to the “(cookie)” part added.

Thank you for the fun, Wren Schultz Dude. Musta was an extra cry when U wrote a “Crossword Puzzle – Yes!” Thank you message from Shortzmeister.Masked & Anonym007Usp.s. receipt. @Roo: Harr.**gruntz** Has anyone else noticed that the name “Ouija-Brett” is combined by the words “yes” and “yes”, and that these are answers circled in the riddle? I wondered if “there” would appear in another circled answer. Did you know that the Czech word for “YES” is “ANO”, which means “asshole” in Spanish? So if a Czech goes to Spain and answers a question in the affirmative, what happens? Is there a fight? “ANO” also means “YES” in Slovak, which makes you wonder why they separated. In Urdu, “YES” is “DSCII HAAN”, which sounds very crossword friendly. You could get hell out of this thing. “YES” in Zulu is “YEBO”. Do you know how many words start with “YEBO”? No one does, so many people. @Rex has given its approval to today`s so-called “Scrabbly” letters. But that`s not a thing anyway.

All letters are in play and all letters appear in Xwords. The point value of a letter in Scrabble has no relevance for an Xword puzzle. This is just BS manufactured like the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and the stolen 2020 elections. It would not be good, said the sorcerer, not without a powerful warrior, not even a hero. But warriors are busy fighting against each other in distant lands, and in this neighborhood, heroes are rare or simply nowhere to be found. The swords in these parts are mostly blunt, and axes are used for trees and shields as cradles or plate covers; and dragons are comfortably distant (and therefore legendary). That`s why I decided to break in – especially when I remembered the existence of a side door. And here is our little Bilbo Baggins, the burglar, the chosen and selected burglar. So now, let`s go ahead and make plans. To all the legal beagles: I have a friend who is ada in New York. He told me that the Penal Code of New York (and many other states) have different fee options for burglary cases. Burg 3 enters a building with the intention of committing a crime. Then the verdicts go up if the building is an apartment or if the burglar is armed or injures someone: Castle 2 and Castle 1.

If you want more answer tips, check out: NY Times September 11 2021 Mini Crossword Answers You can play New York Times Mini Crossword Puzzle online, but if you need it on your phone, you can download it from these links: Very simple, usually simple Monday rate. I didn`t know Mrs GEDDES or Mrs ELLIE Goulding, but it is PAR for the course, even on a Monday – fortunately I remembered TOQUE that I had learned a week or two ago. What a contrast between today`s normality, reading the clues and trying to find the answers, and yesterday`s mysterious encrypted UFO-coded puzzle from space. Does anyone want a professionally made, well-executed, non-cryptic, gadget-free Rebus puzzle on Thursdays (you know, the guy who really should be expected and expected by the New York Times, but is unfortunately considered a pleasant surprise when they appear from time to time). Anonymoosis, I think your initial claim – that Scrabbly is not a thing – is correct. And I think Z`s claim that because everyone understands what that means, gives authenticity, is absurd. Many things are widely understood, but false. Damn, Anoa Bob rightly pointed out that what the crossword puzzle world calls a rebus is not a rebus.

Not in type, shape or form. It`s just an agreed-upon mistake. In baseball, they use the decimal point quite incorrectly. Look at a pitcher who pitched three and a third inning. His line of statistics will be. 3.1 innings. It`s not true. In every way. Indefensible, but not only universally understood, but universally used. Sometimes it is enough to join the idiots.

It was a solid theme and a solid puzzle. A pangram is a good start to the week. I could wish for more brilliance on a Monday, but I thought it would be quite good in his humble way. It`s one of those days when Rex asks a lot of questions about the reasons and I want to reply with “Why not?” I liked the rhymed verse effect of JA, DA, YES, SI. Specific sub-theme Food and beverages. For starters, DAIRY QUEEN and Trader VIC and a chef in a hood (again). On the food front, FIG Newtons, PORK AWAY, the USDA inspecting meat and some pressed sous chefs measuring salt and sugar in TSPS. And to drink – IPA, FIJI water, LIQUEURS, GLAçons FONDANTS and, if you want to wait, the milking machine is attached to the nipples, so that the fresh milk comes directly to the top. I thought it was a strange clue to BURGLE, which I always thought meant not only the break-in with bad intentions, but also the actual theft.

I wouldn`t have separated the breakage and the theft as the clue does. .

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