Xerox Service Agreement

For more information or to purchase these services, please call 1-800-821-2797 or contact your local Xerox office. The most cost-effective way to get ongoing maintenance on your Xerox product. Cheaper and risky as a service on a time and hardware basis. Our business depends on you to help your business do a great job. That`s why Xerox invests in providing support services that are industry-leading in breadth and depth. Normally, the service contract should cover both the service and consumables. Avoid problems before they arise and resolve problems quickly with our advanced diagnostic technology, including our global knowledge sharing database – a powerful database of innovative solutions and advice that all our support and service staff can easily access. If you don`t have a Xerox service contract, you`ll need a billable service call: So, am I right to assume that if I`m able to find cheaper toner and I`m able to maintain the machine myself, I can just get rid of what it is, what they charge me? I`m just thinking about my options. If your needs go beyond equipment maintenance and repair, we also offer network support and repair, as well as advanced technical support to improve all your office product needs. Paid services include: The $25 covers all toners/services and we pay per print, which is about 1.9c per page that is billed to us quarterly. All service contracts (except conversions) are available in two forms: Extended service contracts Available within the first 90 days after product ownership, save up to 28% by purchasing this type of agreement! Annual service contracts Purchase a service contract after the first 90 days or renew an existing service contract; You continue to receive Xerox-approved product technical support in one easy-to-use payment. Service offerings may vary by country: please contact your local customer support center or reseller for more information.

I would keep a service contract for the machine. It may not be broken yet, but the parts wear and tear and can be expensive or inaccessible without an agreement. Customers have a number of options to provide phone support and on-site service for products covered by a Xerox service contract, including: They provide us with toner and service when needed. Of course, for a 7232 work center, the toner isn`t $300 a month if we only run out of toner every few months or so. They never send anyone here because we never have problems. So, am I correct in assuming that if I`m able to find cheaper toner and I`m able to maintain the machine myself, I can just get rid of everything it is, what they charge me? I`m just thinking about my options. Whether your business is small and local or large and global, your technology investment deserves the reliable protection that only Xerox support services can provide. Depending on the parts to be changed, expensive service bills This article may seem a little naïve, but I dig for my business and have a few questions. I am trying to find out if we are being jostled by a printing house. We bought a printer a few years ago for about $11,000.

We continue with a service contract of about $25 per month. My question is this: if we own this machine and do not rent it, why will we be charged for each black and white print as well as for each colour print??? I do not know how normal it is for us to still pay more than $300 a month when we own it. I hope I`m just not aware of how it works, but I have a bad feeling about it. Anyone who is familiar with this topic, please try to fill me up so that I don`t feel like I`m being exploited. With services ranging from device maintenance and repair to advanced technical support and network support services, Xerox is uniquely able to meet all your document technical support needs. So, instead of buying the toner every time it runs out, it is covered by the service contract. As well as all the repairs that the machine needs. A service call in time and hardware is scheduled at the best time of response times Service agreements vary, but usually have a base amount, e.B.25 USD/month, which includes a number of printouts, e.B. 3000. You then pay for anything over 3000 prints on a cost per print basis, say $0.01/print. Your color prints are probably all at cost per print, as they are rarely included in a base amount. Extended Warranty Sales: To purchase or renew a service contract, add consumables, or inquire about any of our unique service features, please call 1-866-382-4865.

Thank you for your comments! I`ve learned a lot about our machine (and our service contract) in the last 24 hours. I think what started with this was a bit misleading on the part of my representative to get me to buy a new machine. I saw the dishonest movement and it caused me to start digging. I really think I`m going to renegotiate some things and maybe even rent a new unit because it doesn`t work. Thank you again for all your comments. I think literally all of this helped me in one way or another! If your business needs services not listed above, please contact us. That`s right, as long as your service contract is running. Otherwise, there may be a cancellation fee.

Trust that you have chosen the best possible service to support your investment in Xerox technology. Increased productivity for your business. Maximum availability and quick response mean your employees spend less time waiting and more time at work. Because Xerox is committed to excellence in support and after-sales service, our current policy is to support a product for at least five years after it comes out of production. Deliveries will be available for this product as long as there is sufficient demand for these stocks (at least as long as the product is supported). See Warranties and Conditions › To continue this discussion, please ask a new question. Software upgrades, operating system support, SPAR support, and licensing fees are included in your Xerox Service Agreement. .

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