What Is Called Brother in Law Wife

A friend of Diff`s mentioned that Co-Sister could be short for “Common Sister” aka “Common Law Sister”, what do you think? Sister-in-law (plural sisters-in-law) The wife of the husband`s brother; or, more generally, the sister-in-law of the husband, wife of a brother in relation to the husbands of his brothers and sisters. In Islamic law (Sharia)[6] and Jewish law (Halakha)[7], sexual relations between brothers-in-law are prohibited as incestuous unless the spouse is no longer married. Conversely, in Judaism, there was the custom of yibbum, in which a man had the non-binding duty to marry the childless widow of his deceased brother so that she could have descendants of him. [8] English doesn`t even have words to distinguish my sister`s husband (brother-in-law) from my spouse`s brother (brother-in-law). Your husband`s brother`s wife is called your sister-in-law, which means you share the “sister-in-law” relationship with your husband. (My wife had a relative who was visiting us a few weeks ago, and she called him her niece. When I asked her how she was related, it took me a few minutes to explain everything. She wasn`t really his niece, and the relationship jumped on two marriages, etc.) As far as I know, my brother-in-law`s wife is my sister-in-law. Well, unless it`s my sister, obviously. Your spouse`s brother will be called your brother-in-law. If your spouse has a sister, she is your sister-in-law. Ah, thank you.

The “one to the other” is what I did not understand. I love English, but we really need to steal a few more words from other languages, especially in relationships. In Hindi, your husband`s older brother is your “Jhet”, and his wife is your “Jhetani”; his younger brother is your “Devur”, and his wife is “Devrani”. “Brother-in-law`s wife” is not *really* as long as you also call the spouses of your own siblings your brother-in-law (your brother`s husband or sister`s husband) or sister-in-law (your brother`s wife). Is there a name for it? Because “the brother-in-law`s wife” is really very long. Is she your sister-in-law? A person`s sister-in-law is the husband of his or her brother or the sister of the spouse. A co-brother is your spouse`s brother-in-law. Think of it as if you were sharing the in-laws relationship with your spouse. Your father`s brother`s wife is called your aunt.

No matter when your father`s brother gets married, his wife is still considered your aunt. My friend mentioned that in one of the states of India, it is a slang term for your spouse`s in-laws (i.e. the husband of my husband`s sisters would be my colleague). In my family, a brother-in-law`s wife is called a sister-in-law. You could call a visit from the couple “My brother and sister-in-law came to dinner on Friday night,” although it`s really hard to pronounce that suspended hyphen. XD Thus, the brother-in-law would marry her, make her pregnant and help raise the child until he was a man and could take care of her. Once a male heir is born, the brother`s family is restored and sex ceases. Thus, the brother-in-law now has the equivalent of an ex-wife and alimony for his brother`s child. I know my husband`s sister is my sister-in-law, but what is the technical term for my husband`s brother`s wife? Is she still a sister-in-law? Or is that what one of my friends called her, another sister? Second, what is the father of my brother`s wife to me? Her sister is married and her husband`s parents are her in-laws. Her husband`s mother is his mother-in-law, while his father is his stepfather. Therefore, you could also call them: my sister`s in-laws.

They had to live for a while with the parents of one or the other, usually with the husband`s parents. A rarer use of the term is seen in “casual conversations” with the term brother-in-law describing the relationship between the brother-in-law: William`s brother, Charles, has a brother-in-law named James (James is Charles` brother-in-law here, not because he married his sister, but because he is a brother of Charles` wife), James referring to William as his brother-in-law. [4] She`s just “Sally,” “Mary,” or whatever her name is. Just like the children of his own siblings, the children of his brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law are simply called nieces and nephews – if necessary, whether “by marriage,” as opposed to “by blood” or “by adoption.” Brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law are bound by a type of kinship called affinity, like all in-laws relationships. All of these relationships are relationships that are not directly related to the person. [1] My wife calls my sister`s husband brother-in-law and my brother`s wife a sister-in-law. What does the Bible say about marrying your ex-brother-in-law? Suppose you mean the wife of your spouse`s brother. She is your spouse`s sister-in-law.

There is no simple term to describe their relationship with you. I guess you could call her your sister-in-law, even if that`s not really true. The wife of your grandmother`s brother is called your great-aunt. The term is often wrongly applied to the wife of a person`s brother-in-law; The correct term for such a relationship is “sister-in-law by marriage.” The plural form is “sisters-in-law”. Technically, there is no lrgal relationship. In many areas, however, two couples of a spouse each consider each other siblings, so Sam, who is married to Mary, who is Jane`s sister, considers Jane`s husband, Bill, to be her brother-in-law, although there is no legal connection. I took Jonbvn`s job twice and thought he was talking about sibling couples first: Bill and Bob, the brothers in the area, laterally marry sisters Sally and Sue, so aunt and uncle are blood relatives to the children of both couples (who are themselves double cousins of the other couple`s children). Then I realized that he was pointing out that a “brother-in-law” could describe your sister`s husband.


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